This $75 deposit secures your spot for the Individual Medley (IM) and can be applied towards the purchase of the high-resolution digital downloads and/or prints once your gallery is ready

While this stroke encompasses all four strokes, photography varies based on age group, lane assignment, and lighting (especially as the sun sets in the evening.) As such we are not able to take special requests for a particular stroke.

Photographer’s Tip:  If your swimmer has a favorite stroke(s) then we highly recommend signing up for photos from that event as well.

If you have a swimmer in one of these sold out heats/events please select an alternate stroke for photos.

  • Girls 7-8 > Event 3 / Heat 4
  • Boys 7-8 > Event 4 / Heat 4 
  • Girls 9-10 > Event 5 / Heats 3, 5, 6, 7
  • Girls 11-12 > Event 7 / Heats 5, 8
  • Boys 11-12 > Event 8 / Heat 6
  • Boys 13-14 > Event 10 / Heats 5, 6
  • Boys 15-18 > Event 11 / Heat 5
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** To ensure the best possible pictures, we limit the number of swimmers we photograph per heat. If we exceed our capacity for your swimmer’s heat then you’ll be notified ASAP and you can select a different event/stroke or we’ll issue you a refund for that heat. By purchasing this item you’re agreeing to these terms and understand that our photography service is made available in the order in which orders are received.